With its coral tree lined streets, upscale shops and eateries, and luxurious homes, Brentwood has long been one of the most desirable communities in all of Los Angeles. Bordered by the City of Santa Monica to the west, the 405 Freeway to the east, Wilshire Blvd to the south, and the Santa Monica Mountains to the north, Brentwood consists of several different neighborhoods – each with their own unique personality.

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Brentwood Park  

Brentwood Park is Brentwood’s most exclusive neighborhood and arguably the most desired area west of the 405. Bordered by San Vicente to the south, Cliffwood to the east, 26th St. to the west, and Oakmont to the north, Brentwood Park features the largest and priciest homes in the area. In the first half of the 20th Century when most of these homes were built, they generally comprised 3,000 to 5,000 square feet. Today, the older homes are quickly being bought up and replaced with homes twice, sometimes three times the size. Many notable celebrities call Brentwood Park their home.

Brentwood Flats

While not an official term, Brentwood Flats has become the popular name for the area that encompasses everything south of Sunset between Canyon View and Barrington. San Vicente Blvd – Brentwood’s main commercial thoroughfare – could be considered the heart of Brentwood Flats. The lot sizes are considerably larger than those in Brentwood Glen, although the majority fall under 10,000 square feet. However, Moreno and South Burlingame Avenues feature many custom homes on large lots up to 20,000 square feet. Additionally, almost all of Brentwood’s condo units are located within Brentwood Flats.

Brentwood Circle

Brentwood Circle is the gated area just west of the 405 Freeway along the north side of Sunset. This area became gated in the 1990’s as a means of extra security for the nearby Getty Center which shares a back road through the neighborhood. Because it is guard-gated, several noted celebrities currently call this neighborhood home. The streets to the south of Sunset – Layton, Woodburn, & Gunston – are considered by many to be part of Brentwood Circle even though they are not guard-gated.

Brentwood Glen

The Brentwood Glen, or ‘The Glen’ as locals call it, is located immediately west of the 405 and just south of Sunset Blvd. This jewel of a neighborhood features many quaint, traditional homes that are typically more modest and on smaller lots than what is typically found throughout Brentwood. As such, this remains one of the most affordable areas in Brentwood.


Brentwood Hills

Brentwood Hills is another loosely defined area which includes the hillside homes north of Sunset off of Bundy, Kenter, and Mandeville Canyon Roads. Typically, residents don’t say they live in Brentwood Hills, they are generally more specific, like ‘Top of Kenter’ or ‘Up Westridge’. These homes generally have large lots, but often times the usable area is restricted because of various elevations. The fact that many of these homes are over a mile from Sunset makes many hillside homes more affordable than the Brentwood average and a great way to get into the community.

Lower Kenter Canyon

Kenter Ave is a fairly flat road until you get past Kenter Canyon Elementary School where it starts to ascend quite rapidly. Lower Kenter also includes Homewood Rd, an idllyic street with larger homes and lots. Year in and year out, Homewood remains one of Brentwood’s most popular street.

Sullivan Canyon

Sullivan Canyon is Brentwood’s most rustic neighborhood. There is one way in and out – through Riviera Ranch off of Sunset. Sullivan Canyon might be Brentwood’s most picturesque, with large sycamores and oaks towering over an impressive collection of classic California-ranch style homes. This entire neighborhood is zoned for equestrian usage and even features its own riding ring. A late afternoon drive down Old Ranch Road should be a must for any Brentwood newcomer!

Mandeville Canyon

Mandeville Canyon Road is Brentwood’s longest street running nearly 5 miles from Sunset stopping just short of Mulholland. The area between Sunset and Chalon is called Lower Mandeville and everything beyond Chalon is Upper Mandeville. Mandeville has homes and lots of all shapes and sizes. In fact, this year alone there have been sales above $15 million and below $1 million. Typically, homes in Upper Mandeville are among the more affordable in Brentwood.


Brentwood Polo Fields

Tucked along Allenford Drive just east of the Riviera Country Club and south of Sunset sits this most unassuming neighborhood of mostly one-story ranch style homes. Lately, however charming little enclave has become very popular with many older homes getting much needed face lifts. Its close proximity to Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades makes this an easily accessible area from all points on the Westside. 


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